Friday, June 29, 2012

How to hold the Dremel Tool

                                            HOLDING THE DREMEL TOOL

Many people have a Dremel and wonder what they might do with it. First of all, how to hold the tool is the best place to start. The object is to make the Dremel one with the project. Holding it the way I do allows your hands to be the connection between the tool and the project. Hold it like a pencil and use your other thumb on the front of the hand piece between your thumb and forefinger.

Your little fingers are pushing against the project, securing the project against the Bench.
If you take a scrap piece of wood and try writing something like a poem or anything. Even just a bunch of o's. And making a little abstract carving where you are just experimenting with the bits. Try the tool out with no expectations. It can really be a blast! Get in touch with me if I can help out.