Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inside the Wiz'z work shop

Welcome to my shop. Here we are inside. The picture in the middle is half way into my 8' x 24' shop. The shop is a refrigerator container that I split in half with a wonderful friend of mine, Matty Wright. He has the half with the big doors. My wonderful partner, Susan, put the end wall up and did the building that covers the container. It makes a great shop. It is very easy to heat in the winter and stays pretty cool in the summer. The picture on the right is right in the shop. Right on the left is where I do my carving. The picture on the lower left shows my carving bench with all of the Dremels hanging up. A carver can't have too many Dremels. The picture on the upper left shows me carving a wizard.

It is a wonderful shop, tucked away in the woods on a mountain side with a great wooded view. I spend a major portion of my life in this little shop making fun carvings for great customers.
Life is an amazing thing. I am very blessed.

My next posting will show some of my wood collection. I have so many fun pieces of wood to work with. Southern Oregon is so near so many forests, including the amazing Redwood Forest.


  1. Hi, Gary! Your shop looks absolutely delicious! I love it- crammed and busy and wonderful! I can almost smell all that beautiful wood, too. It's easy to see how you can get 'lost' in your work.

  2. WoW your work looks fab, love the archway in the header picture its beautiful. Your workshop looks like a treasure trove of fascinating objects
    Lindsay xx

  3. I love your shop! I hope to have one like it some day! <3